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Topics of Interest include but not limited to:

Access   Control and Intrusion Detection

Privacy and Authentication

Artificial Immune Systems

Quantum Cryptography


Regulation and Trust Mechanisms

Authentication and   Non-repudiation

Reinforcement & Unsupervised Learning

Autonomy-Oriented Computing

Secure Cloud Computing

Biological & Evolutionary   Computation

Security & Network Management

Biometric Security

Security and Privacy in Mobile Systems

Coevolutionary Algorithms

Security and Privacy in Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing

Computational Intelligence in   Security

Security and Privacy in Web Sevices

Cryptographic protocols

Security and Privacy Policies

Cryptographic Protocols

Security Area Control

Cryptography and Coding

Security Deployment

Data Integrity

Security Engineering

Database and System Security

Security for Grid Computing

DDoS, MiM, Session Hijacking,   Replay attack

Security in Distributed Systems

E-mail security, Spam,   Phishing, E-mail fraud

Security Information Systems Architecture and Design and   Security Patterns

Fuzzy Systems

Security Management

Identification and   Authentication

Security Requirements

Insider Threats and   Countermeasures

Security threats & countermeasures

Intelligent Agents and Systems

Sensor and Mobile Ad Hoc Network Security

Internet Security &   Applications

Service and Systems Design and QoS Network Security

Intrusion Detection &   Prevention

Software Security

Intrusion Detection and   Prevention

Threats, Vulnerabilities, Risk, Formal Methods

Intrusion Detection and   Vulnerability Assessment

Trust Management

Key Management

Trust Models and Metrics

Mobile, Ad Hoc and Sensor   Network Security

Ubiquitous Computing Security

Models for Authentication,   Trust and Authorization


Network and Wireless Network   Security

Virus, worms, Trojan Protection

Peer-to-Peer Network Security

Web 2.0 security

Performance   Evaluations of Protocols & Security Application